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5. Junio 2017

Càrniques Celrà S.A. starts exporting China and it will raise four stores with aptitude to guard up to 18.000 tons of frozen pork

Càrniques Celrà SL, will invest 18 million Euros (MEUR) between this year and the next one to extend the company, to double his surface and will create 50 new working places. The thickness of the work it will be four refrigerating department store with aptitude to guard up to 18.000 tons of frozen product.

The meat native of Gerona has obtained recently the homologation to export Mexico and in China, and it will stimulate the exports towards this Asian country. In fact, every day already he sends up to a fortnight of containers for sea route. ” His culinary culture estimates very much the small ones and by-products like bones, ears, feet and hands, which sell on the markets of square “, there makes concrete the general manager of Càrniques Celrà SL, Xavier Roca. The company possesses nowadays 237 workers and it closed the exercise billing 224,53 MEUR. Càrniques Celrà SL, belongs to the company Olot Meats Group, which also groups Càrniques Juià and the slaughter house of the Garrotxa. In global, the group has 1.200 employees and invoice 600 millions of Euros.

Càrniques Celrà sl, is the reflection of the muscle of the meat industry in the of Gerona regions. Specialized in pork – as the rest of the group – the company of break-down processes nowadays 5.000 daily animals. The plant occupies 13.217 square meters in the industrial estate of the municipality, a surface that in one year will double when between in functioning the extension that already takes shape close to the current facilities.

The new ship supposes an investment of 18 million Euros and in these moments already one has finished 60 % of the civil work. In the interior there will be four refrigerating department store, with capacity for 12.000 palets, that will allow to guard a stock of up to 18.000 tons of frozen product.

Apart, also a new tunnel of freezing will be constructed-40 ºC, exclusively for fitted pork, by aptitude to refresh 60 tons of product a day. The work complements itself with a new room of packaging, which will be where there will work 50 new employees that the meat native of Gerona contracts.

Simulación Càrniques -Celrà -SL, - 2018
Simulación Càrniques -Celrà -SL, - 2018

Simulación Càrniques -Celrà -SL, - 2018
Simulación Càrniques -Celrà -SL, - 2018

Entry in Mexico and in China

The extension, which is foreseen to end to middle 2018, has clearly I target behind: to increase the exporting potential of Meat Celrà. The company, which already sells in the exterior up to 80 % of the production, recently has received the homologation to export Mexico and in China. And it is precisely towards this Asian country where the signature wants to increase there is market share.

The Chinese kitchen estimates very much the small ones and basic products like the bones, the ears, the feet and the hands of the pork. ” Especially, they sell on markets of square of cities as Shanghai or Pekin “, Xavier Roca makes concrete. In addition, the Asian market also demands other parts of the animal, as the ribs, the ham or the shoulders.

To there be done an idea of the turnover that moves China, only it is necessary to look at the statistics of business of the meat one. East 2017, one of every three sales on the outside of Meat Celrà (in I make concrete, 33,4 %) they are done in this Asian country. In fact, the signature already sends every day up to fifteen containers towards China for sea route (each of them, with 25 tons of meat of pork).

” Once let’s have the stores ready, this will allow us to manage the orders with more flexibility “, indicates the manager. ” To sell to distant countries as China, Japan or Taiwan is necessary that the meat freezes, because hereby it lasts up to two years, in fresh air and to the emptiness, does not go beyond 21 days and even he nor would support the trip “, it adds Rock.

The company, which already sells in the exterior up to 80 % of the production, recently has received the homologation to export Mexico and in China.

The extension, it has a clear aim: to increase Càrnicas Celrà's exporting potential. SL

More than sixty countries

The portfolio of countries where it exports Meat Celrà is wide and includes more than sixty. Apart from the already mentioned ones, between the principal ones Canada, New Zealand, Vietnam are, for example, The Philippines, Hong Kong or South Africa, apart from all the Europeans (headed by France, Hungary, Poland and Italy).

And if the company turns the eyes towards Asia, in parallel also it praises looked at another side of the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, Xavier Roca adds that to have obtained the homologation to export Mexico opens many possibilities them. ” We must bear in mind that it is the third country of the world that imports more meat “, underlines the general manager of the meat one.

A great meat group

Last year Meat Celrà sold 130.531 tons of meat of pork and closed the exercise with a turnover of 224,53 million Euros. The company is one of three legs of the company Olot Meats Group, which in global has 1.200 workers and it deposited 600 million Euros during 2016.

The embryo of the group was Meat Juià, founded in 1987. It processes 8.000 daily porks and has an insole of 550 persons. Last year sold 146.956 tons and invoiced 260,5 million Euros. So many Celrà like Juià they centre the activity in quartering the already sacrificed porks, good part of that they come to them from Olot’s slaughter house (where the group has 70 % of the property). Last year, from these facilities – baptized as Olot meatos – 2,3 million animals killed themselves and 25 million Euros were invoiced.

Celrà concentrates the investments

The new ship that will be added to the current one of Meat Celrà will be a revulsive for the of Gerona company. But not the only one. In fact, Olot Meats Group will centre the investments of next years on this plant of break-down. ” We have sufficient plot to continue growing and if the business follows this line, surely we will raise a new room of break-down “, Xavier Roca advances. This work appears with the horizon 2019 until 2020.

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